Car Ac Repair in Houston


Isn't it just a tad toasty out there? You know how unpleasant it is to be stuck inside your lovely car, clinging to the exquisite leather upholstery because the air conditioner isn't working properly. Whether it's warm air flowing out the vents, air that isn't as frigid as it should be, or no air going out at all, it's a problem. We can assist you with any air conditioning repair or service that you may require.

Brake Service Houston


Brakes are one of the most critical components of your vehicle, yet they're easy to overlook until they fail. Don't worry; we provide a comprehensive selection of brake maintenance and repair services to assist you avoid any braking problems. Our mobile brake specialists are all ASE-certified and can handle any brake repair or replacement you require.

Check Engine Light


We use the same equipment and software as the over-priced dealership to determine the source of the problem. When your check engine light comes on, it indicates that a component that influences your vehicle's emissions is not functioning properly. On modern cars, literally thousands of items can cause the check engine light to illuminate, ranging from minor issues such as forgetting to tighten your gas cap after refueling to significant internal engine problems. If something is wrong, it is critical to identify the issue immediately before the problem compounds.



Maintaining your Foreign car's engine cooling system might help extend the life of the engine. The cooling system safeguards the engine from overheating and putting undue strain on other components. Keeping the coolant serviced will keep it from becoming corrosive and eating away at the engine block. Do you believe that all types of automobile engine coolant are identical? You may be laying the groundwork for a severe problem. If you are receiving coolant level warnings, contact us immediately.

Electrical & Battery Services


Occasionally, what appears to be a catastrophic failure is actually a software bug. Your car is controlled by computers. Computer-controlled starters, alternators, air conditioning systems, and a variety of other components are now standard. Our professionals will ensure that you are not overcharged for diagnostics and parts. Additionally, your battery could be the source of an electrical problem. A loose cable, a damaged wire, or a dirty connection may appear to be a more serious issue than they actually are. If your battery is not receiving a charge, it is possible that the alternator has to be replaced. However, you will receive a comprehensive system assessment, not simply a proposal for items you may not require. We perform a thorough examination of the fundamentals prior to recommending any substantial repairs. We genuinely care about your vehicle and your budget.

Mechanic Shop In Houston


Whether you require a simple bulb replacement or a complete engine repair, we have some of the greatest facilities and professionals in the region — not just the broader Houston area. We cannot emphasize enough how many benefits there are to keeping up with your vehicle's required maintenance procedures – and to your wallet. Preventative maintenance saves you money and stress when compared to the cost of an advanced auto repair! Maintaining a routine of having your car visually inspected by a specialist typically every six months will help to guarantee that minor issues do not escalate into major ones unnoticed.

Oil Change Service Houston


Without this necessary maintenance, your vehicle will operate inefficiently and may eventually warp or burn out. Oil is crucial to your vehicle's health, performance, and lifetime. Your oil's job is to reduce friction by lubricating the engine components of your car. This is critical in extreme temperatures because it aids in the breakdown of engine debris while preserving engine components from wear and corrosion. Your car must perform at a high level, which necessitates routine oil changes. Without this necessary maintenance, your vehicle will operate inefficiently and may eventually warp or burn out. Regular oil changes are regarded as the best form of insurance and contribute to the engine's longevity. J&T Automotive advises changing the oil in your car every six months or 5,000 miles.

Suspension Services Houston


When your automobile continues veering to the right or the left when you're trying to travel straight, do you know what I'm referring to? That's known as pulling, and it's a symptom that your posture is out of whack. Why does your automobile continue to bounce after you hit a speed bump? That's a sign that the suspension system is deteriorating. These are not only annoying, but also dangerous. J&T Automotive is here to help. It's important to have complete control of your vehicle at all times while driving. All four wheels must be in contact with the ground at all times in order for this to happen. For that purpose, you need a good suspension system on your vehicle. The correct wheel alignment can only be achieved with a well-functioning suspension system. J&T Automotive is pleased to be able to provide our customers 40 years of suspension knowledge. Whatever type of suspension system you have, our family-owned and -operated shop is here to assist you in any way we can.

Tire & Alignment Services


Worn out tires? Driving at high speeds causes the steering wheel to vibrate. We have a wide range of expertise in a variety of tire and alignment difficulties for foreign vehicles. Car handling can be affected by tire wear and steering problems. Because your wheel alignment may be out of whack, you may have a flat tire. Wheels that vibrate at highway speeds may need to be rebalanced, but this is not always the case. It's easy to get these two issues mixed up. Leaving them in their current state could result in long-term damage to certain of your vehicle's components.

Transmission Services Houston


Having a well-functioning transmission is essential to the smooth and efficient running of your car. With out adequate maintenance, the quality of your ride can be significantly hampered. Violent grinding noises, gear slippage, difficulty shifting, and other major interruptions to your driving are all symptoms of transmission difficulties. Customers at J&TAutomotive may rely on us to assist them keep an eye on their transmissions. In order to keep your gearbox running smoothly and safely, our ASE-certified mechanics can perform a comprehensive transmission flush. Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you suspect your transmission needs to be serviced.

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