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We Fix It, We Guarantee It! – Our Service Is Covered By Our 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty!

At J&T Automotive, we are dedicated to providing trouble- and worry-free repairs and services for our customers and prevent any undesirable side-effects. We enjoy an exceptional AAA Customer Satisfaction Index rating, and since our business was founded in 1979, our trend of maximum customer satisfaction continues to grow. We strive for excellence the first time. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of modern vehicles and occasional parts quality, we will have to perform warranty work on the vehicles repaired by us.

Our warranty is in effect whether a fault occurs while the vehicle is in our local area, while on the road away from home, or even after the vehicle is relocated elsewhere and still covered by our warranty. Our warranty and special situation policies are covered below.

J&T Automotive Warranty

We warranty our work for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, for parts and labor.

J&T Automotive’s policy is to use OEM or OEM quality parts.

If the customer supplies the part, no parts or labor warranty is provided by J&T Automotive. If the customer-supplied part does not fit correctly or fails shortly after its installation, the customer will pay for parts and labor to replace and/or correct the problem.

If the customer specifies a part or labor procedure other than those provided by J&T Automotive, no related warranty will be provided by J&T Automotive. In many cases, the labor charges may be higher than the standard charges which J&T Automotive applies.

If a customer installs his/her own parts and brings the vehicle to J&T Automotive for completion or “fine-tuning”, e.g., alignment, calibration, or tweaking, no parts or labor warranty will be provided by J&T Automotive.