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Factory Scheduled Ford Repair and Maintenance Services

Ford features an engine technology that has impressive power and is fuel efficient. If you are looking for Certified Technician that can offer elite maintenance and repair services for your Ford Car J&T Automotive Houston should be your only option. Our Ford mechanic in Houston, TX, offers dealer-level maintenance and repairs and 5-star customer service to ensure you get your car on the road faster.

Take Advantage of Factory Scheduled Ford Maintenance and Repair Services

Our expertise in diagnosing and making repairs for your Ford vehicle is unmatched. We have incorporated the right tools to accurately identify any fault in your car and restore the integrity of your vehicle within the shortest time possible. Our certified technicians offer all our clients factory-scheduled repair services.

Auto Shop in Houston Ford Repair and Maintenance Steps

We are a professional and authorized dealership that ensures that the Ford repair and maintenance process is conducted expertly. Our mechanics and technicians have a prescheduled manner of attending to your Ford vehicle and will adhere to the following steps to ensure the process is streamlined.

  • Complete Diagnostics

By incorporating our specialized tools, we can accurately identify any problems in your Ford. Our intelligent software can identify any faults in your brakes, engine, transmission, fuel injector, coolant, or any part of your vehicle.

  • Auto Repair

After identification of the problem, our certified Ford mechanic in Houston, TX, will communicate to you via messages, phone, or email. We will comprehensively explain the nature of the problem and even send photographs you can view. Additionally, we will communicate the estimated repair and maintenance cost. After we get your consent, our mechanics will proceed to perform dealer-level maintenance and repair for your Ford.

  • Wow Factor

Our Auto shop in Houston offers expert services, and we work exclusively on your vehicle to ensure we restore its structural integrity. We want to ensure that you get that wow factor as our services are unparalleled and will ensure your car runs smoothly.

What Makes Our Houston Ford Repair Auto Shop Unmatched?

Our auto shop has a Google rating of 4.9 due to its consistency in offering elite car repair and maintenance services for our clients. Our exceptional services make us unmatched in the market, and over the years, we have stood out from other dealerships due to the following reasons:

Authorized and Certified Ford Servicing

Our mechanics have comprehensive knowledge of all Ford models. At J&T Automotive, we have certified mechanics who offer factory-scheduled maintenance and repair services for all our clients in Houston.

3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty

We offer a nationwide warranty of 3 years/36,000-mile warranty. The warranty is an assurance that the service we offer is unmatched and exceptional. Our experts ensure your car is working in a seamless condition.

Transparent Service

We are a very professional and transparent company. When your Ford car is at our auto shop, we will regularly communicate with you via phone, text, or email and inform you of all the progress. At J&T automotive Houston, TX, we ensure that all clients are updated about their cars.

40 Years Experience

Our company was established in 1979, and for the last 40 years, we have been offering unquestionable Ford repair and maintenance services. Our reputation precedes us, and our expertise makes us outstanding in the industry.

Lyft Concierge Services

J&T Automotive Houston, TX cares about the convenience of our clients. Thus, we offer Lyft concierge services; through our services, we send you a link through email or text. Once you click on that email, Lyft can locate you and give you a free ride to or from our auto shop.

Complimentary Shuttle Services

Complementary shuttle services give our clients a free ride from home to the workplace. We offer this service from Monday to Saturday to ensure convenience for all our clients.

A Courtesy Car Wash

After a professional repair to your Ford vehicle, we offer professional hand wash services and vacuum for your car. We want to ensure that your vehicle looks incredible as it leaves our auto shop.


What Makes J&T Automotive Ford Repair Auto Shop Unmatched?

We have experts and qualified technicians who ensure you get factory-scheduled repairs and maintenance. Our company has also invested in modern software and tools to ensure your car is handled correctly to provide the best results.Certified Technician

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