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Car AC Repair

At J&T Automotive, we believe AC repair in Houston, TX, should be a stress-free and straightforward experience. With over 40 years of keeping drives cool and comfortable, our experienced team ensures that your vehicle’s air conditioning is always at its peak, providing a refreshing escape from that Texas sun.

Harvesting a Tradition of Cool Comfort

Our family-owned business provides unbeatable auto AC services cultivated through decades of hands-on expertise. At J&T, every coolant refill, hose check, and compressor repair ensures your journeys are cool and that your stops at our facility are warm and welcoming. It’s about infusing every ride with a refreshing confidence that stems from our skilled service.

Transparent Practices that Echo Ease

Your understanding of our work is fundamental to our transparent approach. With us, you know each cost, action, and necessity – ensuring that the cool breeze isn’t the only refreshing experience you leave with.

Backing Your Breezy Rides with Assurance

We safeguard your smooth drives and ensure that every repair stands the test of time and travel. With J&T, your vehicle’s AC system is a fortress of comfort, crafted meticulously by our experts and backed by a 3-year/36k warranty that embodies our confidence and your peace of mind.

Swift Solutions, Eternal Comfort

With a blend of seasoned expertise and swift service strategies, your wait for optimal auto AC functionality is minimal at J&T. Every solution provided is prompt and enduring, guaranteeing your vehicle remains a haven of coolness, season after season, mile after mile.

AC Repair Near Me

When the Texas sun shows no mercy, remember that J&T Automotive is your sanctuary for all things related to AC repair in Houston, TX. We’re not merely service providers; we are your neighbors, the bearers of comfort, and the individuals dedicated to ensuring every drive you take is immersed in calm, cool assurance. As you traverse the hot streets, a world of comfort awaits at J&T – where your satisfaction, comfort, and smooth drives are a timeless tradition.

Car AC Repair