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Houston is any which ways very hot and humid most of the time in a year. Now imagine even your car being hot inside out! No one wants that. As much as you must be in AC in the hot climate, it’s more important for your car’s engine to be excellent. And as AC is for you, Radiator is for your engine. 

The radiator repair shop in Houston – J&T Automotive, doesn’t want you to go through the trouble alone; we are here at your service; we have been here for more than 40 years, and J&T has been in business since 1979.

 #1 Radiator shop in Houston, Texas, since 1979

J&T Automotive has been right here at your service since 1979. And managed to become the best radiator repair shop in Houston, TX. Having a faulty radiator is risky, Don’t drive if your coolant is leaking. Since the Radiator is what cools the engine, it’s possible that a damaged radiator won’t do the work adequately. As a result, the engine temperature may increase, and the car may eventually overheat.

 What’s a Radiator?

The Radiator is a significant aspect of the engine’s cooling system. Its primary function is to spread a solution of antifreeze and water among its fins, releasing some of the heat from the engine while drawing in cool air, which then passes through the remainder of the engine.

The fan clutch, water pump, and spur line are located next to the Radiator. Each of them contributes in a distinct way to the Radiator’s ability to keep the engine cool. When hot air is required, the heater core receives warm coolant from the spur line, which the water pump sends to run throughout the engine. 

 Signs your Radiator needs servicing.

You can see how hot your engine gets if you’ve ever opened the hood of your car after a while of driving. The Radiator circulates coolant through your car’s engine to keep it from overheating and maintain a steady temperature. However, if the Radiator is faulty and the engine overheats, you could look at severe (and hefty) repairs. Know the warning signals that your car requires a radiator repair to avoid a more major scenario.

Your car is getting too hot.

When your engine begins to overheat, that’s usually a sign that something is wrong with the Radiator. A broken thermostat may be the root of the problem. The engine will overheat and break down if a faulty thermostat no longer opens.

The temperature gauge in your car rises.

When your car has warmed up, the temperature indicator on your dashboard instrument panel will generally show that your engine is approximately halfway between cold and hot. 

Unless something is wrong, it shouldn’t ever rise above the midpoint. Get your Radiator checked at the radiator repair shop in Houston immediately if the temperature gauge needle is moving toward the hot end of the gauge. Even if you only need more coolant, you don’t want to drive it while it’s hot because that could result in lasting damage.

 You notice your car is leaking a coloured fluid.

If you see a bright green, yellow, or pink fluid under your car, you most likely have a coolant leak because coolant is typically a vivid hue. It must be fixed before all your coolant seeps out and your car overheats. 

Additionally, coolant keeps your engine from freezing up in the winter, so it’s crucial all year round, not just during the summer.

 Why should you choose J&T?

We’re dedicated to improving the way you see auto repair and maintenance. 

We treat every customer like our family; we strive to consistently go above and beyond what you would expect from the radiator repair Houston – J&T Automotive

Transparent Service

Your J&T service advisor will walk you through the process and keep you updated at every step via texts, emails, or phone calls. We ensure you understand what you are paying for and handle your car as if it were our own.

We are Experts

We only allow ASE-certified professionals to work on and maintain your car. When handling older and newer models, extensive knowledge and experience are required.

Years of Experience

Since 1979, our company has been family-owned and run since that is the only way we have ever known to do business. Therefore, you can trust that you and your automobile will get the most acceptable treatment when you let someone else handle the responsibility for the car’s radiator repair.

You bring your dirty

 Courtesy Car was

 automobile in, and when you leave, it is spotless. Every professional service includes a complimentary hand wash and vacuum. The way we look is how your car looks.

 Complimentary shuttle

You just brought your car in for a radiator repair. Do you have anywhere to be? We have you covered. We would be happy to provide you with a ride home or to work via our complimentary shuttle service, which runs Monday through Saturday during regular office hours.

To learn more or book an appointment, contact us at 713-464-2312 if you live in Houston or the nearby region. J&T Automotive has provided services to individuals and fleet customers in the Houston region since 1979.



How do I know that my Radiator is faulty?

Ans: One of the most apparent symptoms of your Radiator being damaged or malfunctioning is if your car overheats, especially when driving. You might see some weird-coloured liquid leaking from your car. These 2 are the significant signs that your Radiator is faulty and that you need to get it checked ASAP.

What if go on without repairing my Radiator? Is it dangerous?

Ans: You might be able to drive for a limited period with a radiator leak, depending on the source of the leakage. Your car will eventually overheat due to the absence of coolant, which could damage numerous engine bay components. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a break and assess the problem as soon as you become aware of it.

Why should I choose J&T?

Ans: J&T Automotive repair shop in Houston has the fastest turnover time, provides complimentary shuttle service, and has more than 40 years of experience in the field. We provide the most transparent service; before starting any work on your car, our experts tell you the actual damage and cost, and if we get a yes from you, the repairing process is started. 


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