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Most Trusted Porsche Repair Houston, TX

Most Trusted Porsche Repair Houston, TX 

When it comes to European luxury cars, very few companies can match the style, persona, and performance of a Porsche. This German car company has been giving reviewers a tough time for years because their cars are the spitting image of perfection. Porsche owners know the value of what they are driving and only settle for nothing but premium Porsche repair shops. When dealing with a work of automotive art like the Porsche you need more than skill and technology. We at J&T Automotive deliver unparalleled Porsche repair in all of Houston, not only because we have the best technicians but because of our commitment to our clients and our drive to deliver nothing less than the best.

Experience the Most Reliable Porsche Repair Houston – J&T Automotive 

Trusted by Generations

Our process is what makes us unique and easy to work with. We have been a family-run establishment, operating from the same location since 1979. We prefer to be transparent with our clients and make sure that they are always aware of the repair and services their cars undergo. Our 3 step process ensures transparency, clear communication, and top-notch service. Here is how we work, 

Step 1 – Complete Diagnostics 

Are you in need of Porsche repairs? Are you not sure what the problem is? Bringing your car in for repairs or servicing can be a daunting experience for car owners. We at J&T Automotive make sure that we run thorough and complete diagnostics on your Porsche. This means even if you come in for a regular service we ensure we do a detailed diagnosis of all the probable issues for which you might require repairs. 

Step 2 – Consensual Repairs and Service

Unlike most Porsche repair shops, we don’t hand you a massive bill for repairs you had no clue about. Our policy involves our experienced and certified Porsche technicians explaining all the issues your vehicle might be facing over the phone, email, or text. No repairs are executed without your consent and permission. We also share photographs of faulty parts and replace them with authentic Porsche parts. We ensure our clients are always in the loop about what is happening to their vehicles. There are no surprise costs and hidden fees when you’re working with the most reliable Houston Porsche service. 

Step 3 – The WOW Factor

This is the most important step as far as we are concerned. This step involves our clients getting wowed and immensely impressed by the look and feel of their own Porsche. We stand as Houston’s own friendly neighborhood Porsche repair facility and making sure our clients are happy is the most important part of our job.

The Best Houston Porsche Service & Repair

There are several reasons why your search for Porsche Mechanic near me on Google will always lead you to J&T Automotive

Authorized and Certified Porsche Repair Houston 

We only allow ASE-certified experts to handle Porsche repairs and maintenance. Comprehensive knowledge and experience are mandatory when it comes to handling older and newer models. Certified experts at our Porsche repair shop execute factory schedules and repairs and ensure your Porsche goes back to you in top-notch condition every time. 

3 Year/ 36000 Mile Nationwide Warranty

Our certified technicians deliver the best and most trusted Porsche repairs in all of Houston. We don’t just say this but stand by this statement. Any scheduled Porsche car repair conducted at J&T Automotive comes with a 3-year or 36000-mile nationwide warranty. Our assurance, warranty, and unparalleled quality of service make us the Houston Porsche service that is Trusted by Generations. 

Transparent Service

Being Houston’s friendly neighborhood automotive repair shop, we make sure you know what you’re paying for. Our certified experts guide you through the entire service process by keeping you informed over the phone, by email, or by text. Every detail concerning our client’s Porsche repairs is conveyed to them, relevant pictures are shared about parts that need to be replaced, only authentic parts are used as replacement parts and no repair or service is executed without their prior approval. 

Over 40 Years of Experience

We have stood at the same location in Houston, executing the best possible service and repairs of luxury cars since 1979. Our clients are the good people of Houston who have been availing of our unparalleled service for generations (literally). Our reputation as Houston’s best Porsche repair shop is not only backed by our reviews on Google but by the trust that our clients have shown us for years. So when it comes to Porsche restoration or Porsche car repair, we deliver the best possible service in all of Houston. 

Top-Notch Porsche Service Houston

Thorough Porsche repairs and maintenance service requires the right equipment and personnel. We have always hired the most competent, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians you can find and the best equipment available. At J&T Automotive our clients always know that their Porsche is in safe and competent hands. 

Complimentary Shuttle & Lyft Concierge Service

Everyday commute can get very difficult without your car. We understand this at J&T Automotive and that is why we have started our very own complimentary shuttle service that operates from Monday through Saturday during normal business hours. We will be more than happy to give you a ride to and from your home or workplace when your car is in our shop. We also offer a Lyft concierge service where J&T Automotive sends you a link via text and once a client clicks on it, Lyft locates them and gives them a ride to or from our auto repair shop free of charge. 

Courtesy Car Wash

A dirty Porsche does not resonate with its stellar reputation. So we guarantee the fact that every qualified service is followed by a car wash and vacuum. No matter in which condition your Porsche comes into our shop, we ensure that it always leaves our shop looking awesome. 

What are you waiting for? Treat your Porsche to the best and most trusted auto service in all of Houston. 


Q – What are a few tips that can help you stall Porsche repairs?

A – Keep an eye out for oil changes, check your coolant levels, Double check your Porsche transmission fluid levels in every service, Only choose certified ASE technicians for Porsche repairs, and only use genuine Porsche parts. 

Q – Why should I choose J&T Automotive over a dealership for my Porsche repairs?

A – Not only do we offer top-notch service executed by certified experts but we offer a faster turnaround time as compared to dealerships. This way your car isn’t stuck at the dealership for weeks. Finally, our incredible customer service surpasses any dealership you will find. 

Q – How much will my Porsche auto repair cost? 

A – Depends on the kind of Porsche repairs we are dealing with. However,  you can rest assured that no surprise repair charges will be thrust on you. We guarantee complete transparency and clear communication between our experts and clients. This way our clients are always aware of the kind of work being done on their Porsche. 

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