Is your car having a problem with gear transmission?

Sometimes despite proper use, your car engine can stop being functional. In that case, you must make regular trips to a mobile shop for maintenance and service purposes. If you ignore doing so, your car is going to bear the brunt of it. They will stop being effective and incur damages leading to a drastic decline in function. Also, there are several parts inside your car that you might be unable to take care of. It is better to seek professional advice from time to time. Finally, you must get services from the car to its gear transmission. Visit a transmission shop in Houston and prevent any damage to your vehicles.

It is not possible to keep up with your regular maintenance schedule. When should you make an urgent trip to the transmission shop? What are some warning signs you should look out for? Here, we will discuss some characteristics you must look out for to decide if your car has fuel transmission issues.

How to know if your car has trouble with gear transmission?

1. Presence of unusual odor

You will likely sniff some unpleasant and unusual odor in your car in case of a transmission issue. Well, this is considering there are no rotting leftovers from your lunch a week ago. The scent must be like a burning smell from your car’s engine. In such a situation, you can be sure there is some malfunctioning machine. It might be possible that the transmission fuel in your car is too old and thus could not bear the heat and started to overheat. In turn, the burning fuel makes your engine overheated and can lead to some damage eventually, like premature wear and tear.

2. Prevailing odd sounds

You stay aware of any whirring, clunking, or humming sounds. These sounds are the indicators of trouble—especially trouble with automobile gear transmission. Furthermore, in the case of manual transmission or changing gears, there are recent issues regarding machinelike sounds, which can be pretty impossible to avoid. Finally, you must immediately hurry to a transmission fluid change shop if you hear a clunking sound when you hit the ignition.

3. Look out for the car engine light.

You need to keep an eye on the car engine light. At no cost should you ignore them? You must immediately take your vehicle to the auto repair shop and run a quick check-in in case you feel something is off. If there is any inconsistency with the engine light, you need to ensure the issue is regarding the transmission fluid in the gear setup. Chances are the problem is something else, but it is better to be safe than sorry! 

4. Malfunction of the gears

Changing gears should not be a problem if you have proper and operational transmission fluid. When there is an issue, you will face difficulty in transmission slipping from one bag to another. It would help if you hurried to your nearest mechanic to run a diagnostic check before the damage worsens.

5. Check for any fluid leak.

Your car has a lot of different kinds of fluids in its system. When there is leakage, it can be tough to figure out which one it is! Your only choice is to make a trip to the mechanic. After a simple diagnostic test, he can identify what is wrong. In general, the transmission fluid in the gear system is red and has somewhat a typical sweet smell (not unpleasant at all). But if the fuel is old enough, it might turn into a darker shade of red and can appear to be a little burnt.

6. Inspect the clutch drag

Inconsistency in the clutch appears only in cars that have a manual transmission. If you experience an extra slacking in your clutch pedal, disengaging the clutch disc becomes strenuous. Hence, it leads to the constant spinning of the clutch. Moreover, power cannot be transferred to the drive train preventing gear change. You might also hear a grinding sound along with a dragging grip.

7. Shaking of the gears

If your transmission is efficient, it will move quite swiftly. However, if there is any issue, you will feel some difficulty changing gears. In case of an unhealthy transmission, your car gears might constantly shake. Most of the time, people tend to overlook their cars’ mentioned signs and symptoms. However, it is not wise at all to do so. It would be best if you resisted the urge to sweep these issues under the rug, no matter how minor they seem. The problems you feel are so trivial can result in severe damage in the long run. Eventually, you have to get them fixed, and the transmission fluid change cost might be quite a lump sum.

8. Check if the transmission is unresponsive.

If you have an automatic gear transmission, then it is bound to respond to all your gear changes and selections. If that is not the scenario and your engine fails to follow the inputs, you must run some checks.

9. Repeated engine malfunction (like stalling)

Sometimes you might find your engine repeatedly stalling for no reason at all. Well, it is quite a usual sign of some issue with the transmission. For example, you might feel your engine becoming slower. It happens when the clutch is unable to disengage due to inaccurate information.

What can J&T Automotive do to help you fix the transmission issues?

The primary step to prevent any expensive transmission problems is by keeping the fuel fresh and new. J&T Automotive promises excellent service in this field. We have a team of experts who help clean the transmission system, remove the old fuel, and replace it with fresh one. We use advanced and new-age machines and equipment to deliver our services.


If your vehicle faces any issue discussed here, it’s better to get it checked properly. Do not ignore the warning signs, no matter how tempting they might be. The faster you act, the less trouble you face. So choose wisely!
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