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The Most Reliable Chevy Servicing Center in Houston

Professional Chevy Repair Services in Houston TX

Chevy is renowned for its unmatched quality, innovation, and robust safety. If you have this iconic car, you will want to ensure it receives professional repair and maintenance services. At J&T Automotive, we have invested in premium technology and certified technicians who perform factory-scheduled Chevy maintenance and repair services.

Unmatched Chevy Repair Houston Services

We have over 40 years’ experience in handling various car brands. Our certified Chevrolet mechanic in Houston, TX, has a comprehensive understanding of all Chevy brands and will ensure your get unquestionable repair and maintenance services. We have a predetermined schedule when performing Chevy repair and maintenance, and it includes:

  • Complete Diagnostics

Our Auto Shop in Houston has modern tools to ensure accuracy in identifying any problem in Chevy cars. We want to identify the problem accurately to offer targeted repair and maintenance services for all our clients.

  • Chevy Auto Repair

After performing complete diagnostics, we communicate to all our clients about the car fault and our estimated repair and maintenance costs. After receiving confirmation from our clients, we offer factory-scheduled Chevy repair and maintenance.

  • Wow Factor

We offer dealer-level Chevy car services to ensure our outstanding customer services wow all clients. Our car repair services will ensure your Chevy car works seamlessly and more efficiently.

What Makes J&T Automotive the Best?

Our reputation in offering unmatched and dealer-level Chevy repair services precedes us. We have a Google rating of 4.9, which makes us the most reliable and professional company in Houston, TX. Our services are unparalleled due to the following reasons:

3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty

We offer a nationwide warranty that guarantees our clients that our services are exceptional. J&T Automotive is committed to providing factory-scheduled Chevy repair services that exceed your expectations.

40 Years Experience

J&T Automotive was established in 1979. Over the years we have been offering all our clients the best services. Our expertise in providing dealer-level services is unmatched.

Transparent Services

At J&T Automotive Houston Company we ensure we inform all our clients about the entire process of servicing their vehicles. We will update you about your car via email, text, or phone.

Elite Services

Our certified Chevrolet mechanic in Houston incorporates the right tools to ensure factory-scheduled Chevy repairs. Our world-class car repair and maintenance knowledge will ensure you get value for your money.

Complimentary Shuttle Services

We are committed to ensuring convenience for all our clients. We offer our clients shuttle services from Monday to Saturday to ensure they can conveniently transit from home to work.

Lyft Concierge Services

J&T Automotive sends a link to a client either through SMS or email. Once you click on that link, we can recognize your specific location, and we will give you a ride to our auto shop in Houston.

Complimentary Car Wash

We will offer you a courtesy, professional car wash after-sale service. We will ensure that when your Chevy vehicle is leaving our auto shop it is sparkling.


Why should you rely on Our Chevy Car Repair and Maintenance Services?

Our experience and commitment to Chevy repair and maintenance services make us unparalleled. Our certified technicians offer top-rated factory-scheduled services. We also have a quick turnaround time to ensure you get your Chevy back as soon as possible.

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